Booking system

Specialist Booking system for Scheduling of a series of appointments

Suitable for the following services

  • Medical
  • Hairdressers
  • Courses
  • Rehabilitation
  • Probationary services
  • Event management
  • Resource Management
  • Restaurants

Very Flexible Concept

  • Appointments are made for a Clients to attend Time Sessions. Not to attend an individual or a resource.
  • Scheduling of one or a series of appointment(s) for individual Clients or a group of Clients.
  • Time Sessions can be designed to overlap.
  • Enables design of Program schedules
  • Automated scheduling for Courses/Programs.
  • Users/ Organisers can document each participants appointment.
  • Incorporates a Referral System for third parties.

It is a simple system to use with most functions controlled utilising a mouse click for data entry by telephone.

Supports multiple users and control by Internet access

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